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GAS Portfolio Companies Zedify and New Motion Labs join forces to conquer climate change

Green Angel Syndicate portfolio companies have announced that Zedify is to partner with New Motion Labs following “overwhelmingly good” Enduo™ Cargo trials.


Tom Scruby, National Operations Manager at Zedify, was very impressed with the results of six months of extensive live tests of Enduo Cargo on the Zedify Urban Arrow fleet:

“At Zedify, our mission is to transform urban deliveries and help make better cities, fit for the future. Our fleet is made up of 95% cargo bikes and we rely on them running at their best to keep parcels arriving efficiently and on time,” he said.

“Enduo Cargo is a brilliant, cutting-edge drive chain innovation, launched by fellow Green Angel Syndicate-funded innovators, New Motion Labs. It helps reduce our maintenance needs and increase our mileage per charge, because efficiency in the drive chain can have a huge impact on energy use. We’re delighted to be working together and can’t wait to get the product rolled out across our fleet.”

Zedify is backed by Green Angel Syndicate, the UK’s largest network of specialist investors fighting climate change who also support New Motion Labs’ pioneering work. Green Angel Syndicate has already invested across seven green sectors and attracted a £10m commitment from British Business Investments as well as 350 members, saving over 135,000 tonnes of CO2e in the process.

Nick Lyth, Founder and President of GAS, said:

“Everyone at Green Angel Syndicate is delighted by this development.  It is a perfect illustration how, by working together, we can integrate individual company’s innovations to change a working process.  This change will remove the harm the old system inflicts while leaving the benefits of the process to the economy and the consumer unchanged.”

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