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GAS makes significant contribution to recycling trailblazer

Green Angel Syndicate has made a significant investment in one of the most important recycling breakthroughs this year. Descycle has just closed an oversubscribed pre-Series A round. Coupled with a grant from the UK Government, this will be deployed to continue research into the application of DES in the recycling and minerals processing sectors.

DES is a new and innovative class of chemistry, with unique properties that enable a new method for the recycling and recovery of valuable metals at low cost with low carbon emissions. Due to the millions of possible combinations of DES (Deep Eutectic Solvents), it has the potential to disrupt and solve some of the world’s most critical issues in the 21st century; including low-emission recycling of e-waste and unlocking new supplies of critical minerals.

Cam Ross, CEO of Green Angel Syndicate, said:

“This is a perfect illustration of the ethos of Green Angel Syndicate’s investors. We are all looking for the technology innovations which represent step changes in the way our world handles its resources. None is more important than the waste metals that Descycle’s revolutionary process accesses via its remarkable recycling chemistry.”

Leo Howden, Descycle Managing Director commented:

“2023 will be an incredibly important year for Descycle, seeing major milestones achieved and significant commercial advancements. We are delighted with the level of interest this initial Pre-Series A Funding Round has generated, which includes new highly credible investors from some of the leading names in the VC sector and metals and mining industry. This shows how far our technology has come and how much potential it has as a clean recycling solution.

We have a unique, highly disruptive sustainable technology and a clear path to commercialisation. The success of the technology is unpinned by the high calibre of the team and the commitment of our investors, and we are excited to push forward with the feasibility & pilot study, gearing up for a Series A round.

Photo by Sahand Babali on Unsplash

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