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GAS backs worldwide clean water innovation

Green Angel Syndicate has completed a new investment in a technology innovation for cleaner water worldwide.  This vitally important breakthrough has been created by early stage company, Molymem, which spun out of The University of Manchester in December 2022.  Molymem has developed an energy-efficient and highly versatile membrane coating based around a material called molybdenum disulphide (MoS2).  The material is modified to create an innovative water filtration solution.  

The technology comes from research and patented technology led by Prof. Rob Dryfe and Dr. Mark Bissett, at The University of Manchester, working in partnership with innovation experts at the University’s Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC).  

This team has used MoS2, a two-dimensional material that has physical properties complementary to those of graphene, the world’s first 2D material, originally isolated at The University of Manchester.  

Investment to date has all come via angel investors with the initial round in December 2022 led by Cambridge Angels and the follow on headed by Green Angel Syndicate.


“Green Angel Syndicate is delighted to be completing an investment in Molymem.  This revolutionary membrane technology has the capacity to transform water filtration to the benefit of vast numbers of people on the planet.  Its potential importance cannot be overstated,” comments GAS President and Founder, Nick Lyth.


Ray Gibbs, Chairman and Director at Molymem, said “this additional  funding will enable the company to scale operations and deliver on its mission. The Angel investor confidence in the core team, the technology and the market need makes for a powerful statement in funding Molymem.” 

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