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Climate Change investment growth – twice the money twice as quickly

Green Angel Syndicate today announced that its Climate Change Fund fifth round has closed with a record amount that is almost twice the size of its previous round, raised in less time than ever before.

This growth is entirely attributable to the rapid expansion of the climate change investment sector according to GAS Chief Investment Officer, Antoine Pradayrol:


“Having seen continuing strong demand throughout our network for climate investments in the latter part of 2022, our expectation was that this round of the Climate Change Fund would be relatively buoyant. When we opened shortly after New Year, though, we saw a surge that took us a little by surprise.”



This confirms the trend reflected throughout international investment markets.  While economic problems and banking turmoil have constrained or halted almost every other investment sector, climate-related investments continue to grow.  Green Angel Syndicate reflects this.  CEO Cameron Ross tells us: “The levels of interest we are seeing in new deals since Christmas are astonishing.  We had an excellent year to December 2022, and our expectation is that, far from fading, climate investment will continue to expand in 2023 and onwards.”

With announcements proliferating concerning the extent of climate change damage to date, including this week’s IPCC 6th Assessment Report – AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023 – and the predictions of worse to come, the pressure on technology innovation for net zero will only increase.  Commitments from every sector to reduce emissions, and ultimately end them, are already in place.

Investment at the scale and pace triggered by the Climate Change Fund is a reflection of the seriousness of these commitments.

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