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Better Origin raises $16m

Better Origin is featured in business weekly, after raising $16m in a series A funding round led by Balderton Capital. Extracts below;

Better Origin, previously featured extensively in Business Weekly, has developed a solution that can convert full-grown insects into ingredients for salmon feed, pet feed and human food in a sustainable and scalable way.

Its patented ‘Metamorphosis Technology’, processes insects into different products – representing the most cost-effective, tailored processing line developed to date according to founder and CEO Fotis Fotiadis.

Launched in 2018 by Cambridge University graduates, Fotiadis and Miha Pipan, Better Origin focuses on promoting a decentralised, local insect farming model.

Inside the Better Origin X1 – a mini-farm inside a converted shipping container – waste is consumed by insects such as black soldier fly larvae which then provide nutrient-rich food for animals.

Supermarkets, farmers and food producers decarbonise their supply chains, tackle food waste, and reduce soy use by leveraging the technology.

Fotiadis previously told Business Weekly: “Food waste is a human-made problem but nature already has a solution to it – upcyclers such as insects. Our product – the Better Origin X1 – is an AI-powered insect farm that combines insects’ power to upcycle nutrients with cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to mend the broken food chain.

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