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Albotherm Secures Innovate UK Grant for Groundbreaking Project

Advanced materials startup, and Green Angel Ventures portfolio company, Albotherm, has been awarded a £500k Innovate UK Grant to scale smart shade coating for commercial greenhouses.  The ground-breaking new project will see them collaborating with Pilkington, Flavourfresh and Vitacress. 

Funded by Defra and Innovate UK’s Farming Innovation Pathways Grant, the project strives to maximise energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact, using Albotherm’s Smart shade coating – a translucent solution that transforms into opacity as temperatures rise. This dynamic technology optimizes crop conditions by offering shade on demand, mitigating solar overheating. 

Molly Allington, CEO of Albotherm says;

“We are excited to receive the Innovate UK grant and to collaborate with leaders in the UK horticulture industry. We are honoured to have the support of Flavourfresh, Vitacress, and Pilkington on this ground-breaking project and we look forward to contributing to a more sustainable future for the horticultural industry.”


Learn more about Albotherm’s pioneering project and groundbreaking technology. 

Albotherm forms part of the Green Angel Ventures Climate Change Fund portfolio. Our EIS Climate Change Fund is open for investment, offering you a chance to make a meaningful impact. If you are a HNWI or a professional investor, apply today to join our online pitch event on Thursday, September 7th, at 5:30 PM. 

It’s a great opportunity to learn more about how you can make a meaningful difference by investing in the climate solutions needed to deliver a net-zero future.


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