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10 out of 10! Green Angel Syndicate, its members and portfolio companies shortlisted for 10 UKBAA Awards

Green Angel Syndicate, its members and portfolio companies shortlisted for 10 UKBAA Awards.

Green Angel Syndicate is proud to announce that the following ten nominations have been shortlisted for trade body UK Business Angels Association Awards 2022:

  • Green Angel Syndicate (GAS) shortlisted for 2 awards
  • GAS members Louisa Cilenti, Andy Ayim MBE and Johnathan Matlock shortlisted for 3 awards
  • GAS portfolio companies NatureMetrics, QLM, Glaia and Rovco shortlisted for 5 awards

Firstly, GAS is up for Angel Group of the Year, an award recognising the most active and impactful angel group in the UK, making not only a significant number of investments during the past year, but bringing strong added value to support the growth and success of their portfolio.

GAS is also a finalist for Most Active Investor in the Regions, recognising its investment role in pioneering start-up from across the UK’s regions. Green Angel Syndicate is a delivery partner of the Regional Angels Programme, which is operated by British Business Investments, a commercial subsidiary of the British Business Bank. The Regional Angels Programme seeks to reduce regional imbalances in access to early-stage equity finance.

GAS member Louisa Cilenti is shortlisted for Best Woman-Led Investment in Innovation for her investment in portfolio company Oceanium, a company whose mission is to enable and support the sustainable seaweed farming industry. This award recognises the role taken by a woman investor in backing a highly innovative growth-focused business and who has brought not only risk capital, but significant added value to support the further growth and scale of the business.

GAS honorary member Andy Ayim MBE is shortlisted for Investment in Diversity Champion. This award recognises a key individual in the UK early-stage investment ecosystem that is taking a leadership role in breaking down barriers for access to equity investment for founders from diverse backgrounds, including women founders, Black and ethnic minority founders, or other overlooked groups.

GAS member Johnathan Matlock is shortlisted for Angel Investor of the Year, recognising the most active and impactful lead angel investor backing start-up and early stage UK businesses, bringing not only vital risk capital, but significant added value to support the growth and success of their portfolio.

Portfolio companies QLM and NatureMetrics are down for Best Investment in Sustainable Innovation, recognising an early-stage business that has accessed equity investment to develop an innovative solution to the challenges of sustainability.

New GAS portfolio company Glaia is shortlisted for Deep Tech Investment of the Year, recognising the investors and founders that are pioneering deep technologies like AI, machine learning, IoT and robotics to achieve fundamental breakthroughs to global challenges.

Meanwhile GAS portfolio companies NatureMetrics and Rovco are finalists for Scale Up Team of the Year, recognising the most active and dynamic entrepreneurial team who, through strong leadership and teamwork, have achieved fast growth and scale of their highly innovative business.

*Risk disclaimer: Investment in early-stage companies involves risks such as illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. Even when diversified within a fund, investing in early stage companies carries a higher risk than investing in more established companies. Investment in EIS and SEIS funds should be considered as part of a diversified portfolio. For professional investors only.

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