Scottish Bee Company

The Scottish Bee Company produces Heather Honey, Blossom Honey and related products. As well as planning to build a growing brand to rival Manuka Honey, SBC is also working on a national level to re-pollinate Britain. Its profits are making a contribution to new charity, RePollinate, which is working on this crucial task to help reverse the potentially dangerous species loss among Britain’s pollinators.

Smile Plastics

Smile Plastics manufactures large scale decorative flat panels out of recycled plastics. Our panels are the highest quality on the market and benefit from being both 100% recycled and recyclable for decorative applications in shops, furniture, cafes, bars and restaurants. In addition to our standard range of materials, we also offer small batch runs of custom materials, and a cutting/fabrication service.


AirEx replaces the existing air vents in naturally ventilated homes. It uses smart sensors to monitor and analyse environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity and air quality) and its cloud-based algorithms automatically regulate the airflow by adjusting the aperture of the vent for optimum efficiency.


BuyMeOnce is an online shopping website with the stated ambition to be the ‘everything’ store for sustainable, durable goods and eventually to become a retail shopping kitemark for longevity.


NatureMetrics use cutting edge DNA analysis to monitor biodiversity. They specialise in eDNA and metabarcoding, meaning they can describe whole communities from complex environmental samples. By surveying everything from nematodes to newts, they help clients monitor biodiversity in contexts ranging from conservation to environmental impact assessment.


Entomics develops targeted value-added engineering and biological tools for optimising the insect-based bioconversion of low value waste feedstocks – such as food waste – into high value animal feed for poultry and aquaculture.


Zeigo design, develop and accelerate platforms and applications that support the uptake of renewable energy globally.


BetterPoints is an SaaS behavioural change tech company delivering evidence-led behaviour change programmes in sustainability and healthcare in the UK & EU.

Swytch Technology

An easy-fit conversion kit that can turn any bike into an eBike at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new electric bike.


Piclo Flex is the independent marketplace for buying and selling smart grid flexibility services. The platform takes the proven model of running flexibility auctions and supercharges it with the latest web design and matching algorithms.

Time To Act (formerly GreenSpur)

Time To Act (TTA) has developed a new low cost direct drive (DD) permanent magnet generator (PMG) for the wind turbine market. (New website to replace GreenSpur is in development.)


Alusid has developed patented technology and significant knowhow in converting glass and mineral waste to new composite materials targeted to meet the increasing demand for cost effective green building products.

Crafted from recycled glass and porcelain, SilicaStone is sintered to create beautiful surfaces from tiles and bricks all the way up to 2.4m x 1m solid surfaces.


Rovco aims to revolutionise subsea surveying with its autonomous underwater vehicles and artificial intelligence-powered 3D data collection.


Spinetic's radical ultra low cost energy harvesting panel technology will replicate in wind the success of solar PV at community scale.


Powervault develops innovative battery storage solutions for the emerging domestic electricity storage market. ​

Green Angel Syndicate invested in 2014 and is now participating in a second raise. Two of Powervault's board are now GAS syndicate members.

Naked Energy

A new generation solar, thermal and hybrid technology company, unlocking the global potential for renewable tri-generation (heating, cooling, power).

Naked Energy Ltd is an award winning British design and innovation company specialising in solar technology and energy conservation.

Naturespace Partnership

A better way of granting property developers planning permission in areas that contain the protected great crested newt, aimed at accelerating necessary development whilst better protecting newts and creating new habitats for them.​

Shields Energy

Reducing energy and operational costs in commercial buildings with IoT and the energy cloud.


High performance linear motor-generator systems for the world's leading free piston innovators.

Libertine is working on applications of the free piston expander to increase engine efficiency in several different sectors.

GT Energy

GT Energy is leading the way in the generation of renewable heat in the UK and Ireland.

GT Energy identify, plan, develop, build, finance and operate deep geothermal heat generation plants. This heat is provided to customers and energy suppliers under long-term thermal purchase agreements.


Global Surface Intelligence is analysing and combining big data with satellite information and remote sensing earth observations, to solve real business problems in new ways.

Vantage Power

Vantage Power designs and manufactures powertrain electrification and connectivity technologies for heavy-duty vehicles. The aim is to electrify and connect heavy-duty vehicles around the world

Successfully sold (undisclosed sum) on 12th April 2019 to a major OEM company, Allison Transmission Inc.

Control Power Technologies

CPT was sold to Federal-Mogal in 2017.