Thrift+ hits £1m for charity

A message from Joe Metcalfe, co-founder of Thrift+

When I started Thrift+, I set out to build an online charity shopping experience which allowed more charities to benefit from donations, meanwhile making it easier to re-sell second-hand clothes and find out about the good they've done afterwards.

It's amazing to reflect on the progress we've made - from filling boxes on my kitchen table, to a large operation with a 30,000 sq ft warehouse processing thousands of items every week.

Through donating and shopping for second-hand clothes, our amazing community have now raised over £1 million pounds, which makes me feel incredibly proud. This money has benefited hundreds of charities both big and small, and we can't wait to work more closely with charities over the next few months to increase our donations even further.

If you've got any questions about how we donate, please scroll down to read more. We've also included a few of quotes from our team about what hitting this milestone means to them.

We're a small team working to make Thrift+ as good as it can be, and as ever we'd love to hear any of your feedback and suggestions - my co-founder Poppy and I can be reached on

Thanks once again for your fantastic support. Here's to the next million!


Thrift+ Co-Founder

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