Zeigo signs PPA deal on behalf of Gresham House

By partnering with the Zeigo platform, which uses the very latest technology to simplify the PPA procurement process, Gresham House accessed a wide variety of supplier offtakers which enabled them to complete the PPA swiftly and at a favourable price.

JP Cerda, CEO of Zeigo, says: "We are happy to partner with Gresham House to provide them with the end-to-end utility PPA service. From setting their preferences, right through to execution of the contract. This is a vital step as the Zeigo platform looks to disrupt the current PPA market in the UK."

Wayne Cranstone, investment director, Gresham House, says: "We are delighted to partner with Zeigo and look forward to working together as we seek to secure the best possible power purchase agreements for our renewable assets."

Zeigo's platform matches developer needs directly with Zeigo's network of renewable energy suppliers, greatly streamlining the PPA process while also providing market intelligence, data, and financial information on each offtaker. In June, Zeigo is expanding the platform to encompass more Utility PPAs.

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