Renewable energy magazine has reported (8th July 2020) the following news about Green Angel Syndicate's portfolio company, Zeigo. Click here for the link.

Zeigo, the energy tech platform that uses AI to connect corporate energy buyers with renewable energy generators and suppliers, is continuing to scale its multiple service offering: it is expanding its procurement platform from Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to include Utility Green Procurement and Unbundled Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs).

Amidst the calls for a green economic recovery, and specifically the focus on scaling renewable energy infrastructure, Zeigo is assisting organisations transition to clean energy and stimulate greater collaboration between the corporate world and the renewable industry.

“It’s no secret the business case for renewables is compelling” said Zeigo’s founder & CEO Juan Pablo Cerda. “Buyers are motivated by the offer to hedge against fluctuating wholesale energy prices, mitigate risks and to seek profitability from long-term price certainty. The reputational value from procuring renewable energy and elevation of a brand’s sustainability credentials is now frequently listed as a priority for executives as pressure mounts from investors and consumers for increased environmental stewardship. We recognise the need for a flexible approach to renewable energy procurement as many corporates are positioned at varying stages of their journey towards 100% renewable energy. It is evident that the most sophisticated buyers prefer to use a combination of renewable solutions within their energy portfolio. These attitudes have motivated Zeigo’s expansion into green tariffs and EACs with trusted and reputable suppliers that is certified as 100 percent traceable renewable energy.”

Zeigo is offering a 3-month free trial of the platform. Trial services include the running of one free tender for PPAs, Green Energy contracts or certificates.

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