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Does Diversity matter?

Last Thursday, Green Angel Syndicate member, Julie Blane, gave the inaugural event in a series of online Fireside Chats in our Insights programme, devoted to answering this question. It relates to so much that is in the news these days. But does Diversity matter to an angel investment syndicate specialising in the fight against climate change and global warming? 

Julie's answer is, categorically, Yes, it does matter. She backs this up with clear evidence to show that the companies in which we invest can be expected to perform better with greater diversity in their boardrooms and management teams.

The online carbon neutral Fireside Chats will continue on Tuesday, 6th October at 5.30, when we will have the pleasure of interviewing new member, Patricia de Freitas Silva. Ironically, Patricia is actually leading our Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, with considerable dynamism. But she wants to talk to us about Carbon – carbon capture, what it means, how it works, how much it costs, why it’s important. Of course it’s important! If we had been capturing carbon for the last 100 years, we would not be facing the crisis. It is a carbon crisis. We are living with a greater concentration of carbon particles per million in our atmosphere than ever before in recorded history, and that’s what is causing the planet to warm, which in turn causes the climate to change.

You can register to hear what Patricia has to say by using the link on the Home Page of our website.

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