We are delightedto announce that Zedify has been awarded a grant of £100,000 from Bristol City Council to support the launch of a Zedify micro consolidation and delivery hub in Bristol. The grant will be used to purchase a fleet of cargo bikes, trikes and an electric van to accelerate the roll-out of our services to the city.

Zedify provides consolidated last-mile deliveries, first-mile collections for outbound shipments, and only-mile deliveries within the city limits. All operations are optimised with a unique technology platform and micro-hub model to minimise the emission and congestion footprint of logistics in the cities that they serve. Zedify will contribute to cleaner air and safer streets across Bristol and is on track to launch in early 2021.

We will be releasing more details soon. In the meantime, we would love to explore any opportunities across the city so please do share widely with potential customers, partners and other relevant groups.

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