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Positive Planet UK is a dynamic professional social enterprise and non-profit, with its core mission to develop and manage high-value impact ventures and entrepreneurship programs for under-served communities. PPUK also supports the development and funding of Positive Planet Intl in its entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, and inclusive value chain programs in Africa.

Nick Lyth, Founder & CEO of GAS, will join Lisa Lambie of PPUK speaking at the PPUK Sustainability & Green Ventures webinar on 10th June. 

In 2020, Positive Planet managed 44 programs in 26 countries including in the UK, Europe, Africa (17 countries), and the Middle East; and since 1998 has built an exceptional track record globally managing programs enabling 11 million beneficiaries to improve their socio-economic situation; 87% professional integration with a 70% business survival rate after 3 years. Positive Planet (founded by Jacques Attali) includes Positive Planet International (formerly “Planet Finance”).

PP Women's Venture Accelerator 2020 meets the needs of an under-served demographic of women founders (ages 30-65) who have the experience, "entrepreneurial grit" & potential for greater financial/social impact ~ based in London/SE England, Scotland Highlands, and NE Scotland ~ in scaling their impact-oriented ventures for long term profitability and impact, focused on:

Differentiated Innovation

Scaling Ventures for long-term Profitability and Impact

Expanding and leveraging Venture Eco-System (incl. stakeholders/market access)


The Accelerator is open to 1-3 members of the venture team incl. one female Co-Founder so that they work closely with the team in building and scaling venture and not just one team member. The Accelerator focuses on direct venture scaling on an ongoing basis with venture team, investor/sector mentorship, co-working space, B2B revenue platform, investment, and advanced technical modules with Accelerator Hubs in London and Inverness.

For more information on PP WOMEN’S VENTURE ACCELERATOR 2020    CLICK HERE

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