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The towns of Gjovik in Norway and Kalmar in Sweden are using BetterPoints’ unique blend of behaviour change incentivisation and gamification to motivate local people to travel more actively and sustainably and help improve air quality. 

Norway and Sweden are already ahead of the game when it comes to sustainable travel policy and infrastructure. With BetterPoints’ technology, Gjovik and Kalmar now have an extensive range of tools for engaging people and encouraging participation. 

Localised versions of the BetterPoints app have been built to track and reward activity. Our evidence-based system will capture millions of real data points to learn valuable information about how people move around the localities: their modes of travel, points of origin and destination, detailed maps of the routes they take, and more. 

Participants are rewarded in ways that are meaningful to their situation, and local retailers and business can offer and redeem rewards through the app seamlessly, using bar code scanning and our innovative Tap&Clear technology. 

Sweden and Norway join a growing list of countries outside the UK that are employing BetterPoints technology, including the hugely successful Bella Mossa programmes in Bologna, Italy and the community-led #VaiDeZicaprogramme in Joinville, Brazil.

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