Power Roll and Futurepump partner to reach more farmers with affordable irrigation

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Extracts below.

In the developing world, the vast majority of rural small farms irrigate their fields with water pumps powered by either expensive electrical grid connections or diesel generators. Electricity can be both scarce and unreliable in rural settings, while diesel generators have the added disadvantage of discharging untreated pollution directly into the rural community – with a potentially significant impact on people's health and wellbeing.

The combination of lightweight solar film and highly efficient DC-based water pumps creates a water distribution system that is environmentally friendly, sustainable, flexible, easy to use, and very low cost. Approximately 1.2m2 of Power Roll's solar film, weighing just 500 grams and costing 1/5th the price of a silicon PV panel, is enough to power a Futurepump to irrigate up to an acre of farmland. Solar film's significant weight advantage over conventional PV products will also reduce the effort required to move the pump around the farm, and with Power Roll's inherent flexibility, the pumping solution is expected to be much more resilient.

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