Nick Lyth in The Times

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In the article Nick Lyth, CEO of Green Angel Syndicate, warns that the UK is becoming isolated from European partnerships and funding:

Private capital is often vital for a green start-up to move towards commercial viability with its IP. Green Angel Syndicate's portfolio, dedicated to angel investments in companies whose products or services help mitigate climate change, includes Power Roll, maker of a flexible, recyclable solar film said to be 20 times cheaper than traditional solar panels, and Smile Plastics, which uses waste plastic to manufacture products for the design and architecture industries.

Chief executive Nick Lyth says the driving force behind forming Green Angel Syndicate in 2013 was "the quality and quantity of energy, water, transport and recycling technology and process innovation emerging from transnational research and applied research projects supported by the EU".

Post-Brexit, this support has now splintered from the UK. "British R&D has become isolated from both European funding and the even more essential partnerships throughout leading research establishments across Europe," he says.

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