Naked Energy to manufacture VIRTU in GB

We are delighted to announce that we are bringing the manufacturing of our globally unique solar product Virtu, to the UK. Together with PAD Technology, we will scale production of VirtuHOT and VirtuPVT to meet increasing demand for solar thermal solutions. This is an exciting chapter for our business, as we expand our manufacturing process to complement our existing agreement with Jabil, a global solutions provider.

Our Expansion

We have always controlled the design and development of Virtu in-house, at our product development centre near Gatwick Airport, UK. Having increased our capacity in recent years, we are now proud to also bring the manufacture of Virtu to Britain. This means that all stages of the process, from design through to supplying the finished products can be brought closer together, improving efficiencies in our supply chain and mitigating some of the difficulties many businesses have encountered though Brexit and COVID. We have a large customer base here in the UK, thanks to the great initiatives made available by the UK Government of late, to combat climate change. Jabil will continue to manufacture in Italy to meet the increasing demand within mainland Europe and we aim to establish an EU distribution and logistics hub in the near future.

The future

Our in-house capabilities for design and development, now with the support of PAD in manufacturing Virtu, futureproofs the supply of our products, ensuring our customers can rely upon us to continue providing the highest yielding solar heat and power solutions, in the world.

As the energy industry evolves and demand for renewable energy gathers traction, we expect new requirements to arise. We believe we are in great position to respond and adapt to the changing market needs, with British made products that benchmark quality, innovation and efficiency in solar energy.

It's great that we are able to support the UK Government's plans for a Green Recovery, with the new UK manufacturing agreement resulting in more green jobs. As we sell more Virtu to the UK market, we are looking to widen our network of installation partners and distributors. We have already identified a knowledge gap with limited skilled service providers in the UK, presenting an ideal opportunity for training and also supporting retraining of those working on the fossil fuel side whose jobs may be at future risk.

We are excited to be entering this new opportunity with PAD Technology who join us on our mission of changing energy for good.

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