LONDON (July 2018)  Virtu, the world’s most efficient solar PV and thermal (PVT) panel for roof tops is one step closer to commercialisation unlocking the economic and climate impact it was designed to support — zero-carbon buildings on a global scale. 


Naked Energy has successfully closed its funding round to help meet fast- growing demand for their patented solar thermal technology. 


The breakthrough solar thermal technology is housed within a vacuum tube to reduce thermal losses, capturing more heat for use within buildings while also drawing heat away from PV cells, creating an environment that maximises electrical output. 

The hybrid system puts an end to the need for separate solar thermal and solar PV installations on flat roof tops, by offering an ultra compact alternative that generates both heat and power with world-leading efficiency, shorter payback and higher ROI. 


New investment totalling £1.1m has been secured from existing shareholders and private investors.  The fundraising was led by specialist advisers Capella Partners and EthicalFin, and supported through the Syndicate Room investment platform. 


The lead investor, Berian Global Invest AG, is the venture investment arm of a European family office having extensive interests in real estate development and management, hotels & hospitality, brewing and industrials. 


A spokesperson for Berian, commented: 


“The investment in Naked Energy is an obvious strategic fit for us.  All of the buildings operated by the wider group require significant heating, cooling and electricity which represent a major operating cost.  Virtu reduces the current operating cost and insulates the business from future energy price increases.  Furthermore, it will do so in a clean and sustainable way that aligns with our core values and can exceed the standards being defined in emerging regulations regarding improved building efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.  As the technology can help our organisation, we are confident it can do the same for a vast number of others in the global market.” 


Christophe Williams, Managing Director of Naked Energy, confirmed: 


“We are delighted to have completed our current funding round and look forward to an exciting new chapter.  The new investment will support the long anticipated commercial launch of Virtu.  Scale production can now start in earnest with the first important step of independent certification of the technology.  We are expanding our team and looking forward to entering into strategic international partnerships for the distribution of Virtu to end customers globally.  The first reference projects will be completed over the summer as we start to address the significant pipeline of interest.” 


Alessandro Mele, Founder & CEO of EthicalFin, added: 


“Right away, we saw a lot of potential in Naked Energy’s dedicated team, high energy density technology and global scale up opportunity. Our due diligence confirmed this initial perception and strong synergies emerged within the extended team. Consistent with our business model, our holding company Pommes D’Or Family Office invested in the round.” 




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Christophe Williams

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