At the recent Green Angel Syndicate pitch event in Scotland, co-hosted with the Chartered Banker Institute, Simon Thompson (CEO of the CBI) introduced the audience to The Green Finance Certificate™. This qualifications is designed to develop financial services professionals’ knowledge of the science behind, and the principles and practice of Green Finance. The Green Finance Certificate™ will set the benchmark for the knowledge and skill required by green finance professionals worldwide. The aim of the certificate is to help professionals understand what is meant by green finance, products and services, and to help them play a leading role in developing a sustainable banking and financial services industry with a renewed sense of social purpose. 

Areas of Study: 

The scientific underpinnings that have influenced the development and evolution of green finance products and services 

The significance of green finance’s vision, principles, strategy and performance measurement 

The range of green finance products and services 

The opportunities and challenges of mainstreaming green finance. 

To learn more about the Green Finance Certificate please use this link and click the Apply button 

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