Green Angel Syndicate Invests in Deep Tech Engineering Startup New Motion Labs

Green Angel Syndicate, the UK's largest network of specialist investors fighting climate change, is delighted to welcome New Motion Labs to its portfolio. Green Angel Syndicate led a £750k funding round into this trail-blazing deep tech engineering startup.

Founded in 2015, New Motion Labs' vision was to pioneer deep-tech engineering design for social and environmental good, so when asked the question – "Why do bicycle chains break so much?" – they set about re-engineering them.

There are over 5000 applications for chains in the world and the design of roller chains has remained largely unchanged for over a century – until now. New Motion Labs have re-designed conventional chain drives to minimise friction, resulting in a better performance and a longer lifespan. These chain drives are stronger, faster and there's a much reduced risk of snapping.

The startup is now applying its new Enduo chain technology to the eCargo bike market, as well as entering the world of competitive cycling, where it can improve race times for the world's top cyclists. Enduo is currently being trialled by the world's top track cyclists for use at the next Olympic games.

The eCargo bike market is growing rapidly and the 2020s is set to be the decade of the eCargo bike for last mile deliveries in cities. Last year global delivery giant DHL announced a rollout across city spaces. Not only are they greener than cars and vans, but they are also less likely to be caught in traffic. This sustainable mode of transport is 1.6 times faster than van delivery and has the potential to save 37 million tonnes of CO2 across the UK.

The current chain drives used for eCargo bikes often fail every 3,000-4,000km, as they cannot handle the power of electric motors. By applying its technology to ebikes, New Motion Labs is tapping into that need for more reliability and efficiency, saving eCargo bike companies maintenance downtime and cost. The Enduo chain gives eCargo bike users approximately 15,000 km between chain replacements. The new chain drives are being trialed by numerous eCargo bike manufacturers, servicing companies and operators.

CEO of New Motion Labs, Marcel Fowler says:

"When you're riding a bicycle 8 to 15 hours a day, with a 300-500kg load, the current technologies for the chain drive just can't do that justice. Our new Enduo chain technology is the world's fastest and most durable cycling chain drive. By reducing friction, the chain wear reduces, and the bike goes faster with every pedal. Our patented technology has delivered a small change that has a massive effect. We innovate through design, improving efficiency and durability without increasing cost."

Over the next few years, New Motion Labs will promote its Enduo product in new industrial markets, such as conveyor belts in manufacturing, robots and mobility applications. This recent funding round, led by Green Angel Syndicate, will enable New Motion Labs to commercialise its technology.

Cam Ross, CEO of Green Angel Syndicate says:

"Our specialist members have enjoyed supporting Marcel and his team, as they continue to grow New Motion Labs. Efficiency improvements in chain drive mechanisms can have a huge impact on the energy consumption required to operate them. And of course, reducing energy consumption is a key element of the fight against climate change."

*Risk disclaimer: Investment in early-stage companies involves risks such as illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution. Even when diversified within a fund, investing in early stage companies carries a higher risk than investing in more established companies. Investment in EIS and SEIS funds should be considered as part of a diversified portfolio. For professional investors only.

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