Green Angel Syndicate critical of UK Government 13 Environmental Targets

On the 16th March, UK Government made the following announcement:

"New, long-term environmental targets have been announced by the government today. The proposed targets are a cornerstone of the government's Environment Act which passed into law in November last year."

In a blow by blow response, Nick Lyth goes through the 13 proposed targets and sets out his objections here. These proposed targets are currently open to public consultation until 11th May and Lyth urges people to take part and make their voices count, whether they agree with them or not.

Lyth comments: "These are weak, inadequate proposals. On the one hand, they underestimate the scale of the problem. On the other hand, they suggest the Government has other priorities. If we achieve these targets as stated, the environmental problems in England will become substantially worse than they are already. The Government's own analysis does not seem to acknowledge how bad this is, let alone the consequences of the problem."

He goes on to say: "These proposals do not acknowledge the reality of the current baseline. We are in the worst 10% globally for biodiversity loss, among regions that have been desertified in all but name. We are the poorest-performing of the G7 countries, and only Ireland and Malta have fared worse among EU countries. We have set an appalling record in leading the world on environmental degradation."

Finally: "Yet the proposals are issued as if they will achieve something good by reference to the current situation. They completely fail to recognise that the current situation is what needs to be corrected. They also completely fail to recognise the urgency of it. It needs to be corrected now, not in the coming years."

Photo by Greg Trowmanon Unsplash

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