Positive Planet UK is a dynamic professional social enterprise and non-profit, with its core mission to develop and manage high-value impact ventures and entrepreneurship programs for under-served communities. PPUK also supports the development and funding of Positive Planet Intl in its entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, and inclusive value chain programs in Africa.

Nick Lyth, Founder & CEO of GAS, will join Lisa Lambie of PPUK speaking at the PPUK Sustainability & Green Ventures webinar on 10th June. 

In 2020, Positive Planet managed 44 programs in 26 countries including in the UK, Europe, Africa (17 countries), and the Middle East; and since 1998 has built an exceptional track record globally managing programs enabling 11 million beneficiaries to improve their socio-economic situation; 87% professional integration with a 70% business survival rate after 3 years. Positive Planet (founded by Jacques Attali) includes Positive Planet International (formerly “Planet Finance”).

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