Good Club goes 100% Zero Waste

Here is the full announcement from Good Club published on their blog on 12th November 2021

We've long believed reusable packaging is the way forward, so it's amazing to see so many of you enjoying shopping zero waste with us

We've been on an incredible journey together. Over the past 2 years, our community has continued to inspire us and feed our ambition and also saved over 190,000 pieces of single use plastic - what an achievement!

We always believed that in order to make a real difference, we had to not only change what we shop, but HOW we shop. Now that we've closed our crowdfunding campaign, we're ready to take the next step towards a waste-free future.

We're very proud to share this goal with you, as well as a provisional timeline:

End of 2021

On Tuesday 16th of November we're taking the first step towards a waste-free future by reducing our packaged range to 500 products. We're making sure to keep your favourite products so you can keep shopping all your essentials.

In December, our Zero Waste range will grow to 350 items. We have a whole range of tasty new snacks and essentials arriving - get your jars ready!

New Goodclubbers will only be able to shop from the Zero Waste range. If you've been shopping with us for a while, make sure that you're logged in to see all products available to you.

Early 2022

You'll be able to shop over 500 Zero Waste products

We'll be introducing new delivery options to make your shopping experience even more convenient - say hello to next day delivery 👋

And say goodbye to product being out of stock! Our new stock model will greatly improve our stock levels and your shopping experience.

End of 2022

1,000+ Zero Waste products (there's no stopping us!)

No more single-use packaging. We'll remove ALL packaged goods from our range - don't worry though, we'll be working to replace everything with zero waste alternatives as soon as we possibly can.

We'll introduce new boxes and pots to improve your experience and reduce our carbon footprint. We'll make reusable bottles to replace tetrapacks and glass, we'll make reusable tins and jars to replace…well…tins and jars!

Our long term goal is to directly eliminate 1 billion pieces of single-use packaging from the world, and we're fully committed to getting there!

We appreciate that this is quite a lot of changes and you might feel sad to say goodbye to some of your favourite products. We'd love for you to share your thoughts with us. Please let us know how you feel about the update and how you'd like to see our service improve.

We hope you'll continue on this waste-free journey with us! If you've got any questions, feel free to email us at

Thanks a lot for your support, Ben, Danny & the Good Club team 💚

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