Evening Standard features BuyMeOnce


Congratulations to Tara Button and the marketing team at portfolio company BuyMeOnce for securing a major feature in London's Evening Standard on 3rd August which promoted the great success of BuyMeOnce and helped promote their current crowdfunding campaign.

GAS shouts a big THANK YOU to Tara for the plug for Green Angel Syndicate (see extract below); all publicity gratefully received !

"There has also been a wider consumer shift towards sustainable, ethical fashion, household and personal care products in recent years, and investors are increasingly demanding companies show genuine commitment to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criteria.

BuyMeOnce has raised nearly £800,000 to date, including over £545,000 in an initial crowdfunding round in 2019. The first crowdfund involved more than 400 retail investors, and backing from climate change investor, Green Angel Syndicate."

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