Cass Entrepreneurship Fund leads £800,000 Future Fund matched investment in BetterPoints

BetterPoints joins nine other start-up and  scale-up companies chosen from more than 150 applicants. 

‘Intelligent Mobility’ is the use of new and  emerging technologies to move people and goods around the world in a way that is greener, safer and more efficient. 

The accelerator programme is designed to “attract disruptive start-ups with high-growth potential  into the UK transport industry, helping them grow into world-leading companies”. 

BetterPoints was chosen for its highly effective evidence-led modal shift and sustainability  incentive programmes that we bring to transport and mobility-related organisations, enterprises and cities across the globe. 

Other successful applicants include businesses specialising in AI to improve electric vehicle  charging, big data to solve public transport inefficiencies and technology for an autonomous infrastructure.

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