BetterPoints and the London Borough of Sutton changed local travel behaviour by 82% saving 2 tonnes of toxic emissions in just 6 months between July to December 2018. 

London Borough of Sutton behaviour change results: 

82% who participated changed their leisure travel behaviour 

51% who participated changed their work travel behaviour 

48% who participated increased their levels of physical activity 

55% in Sutton said their new behaviour is likely to be permanent 

61% of participants now more aware of issues around air quality

Toxic emissions for better air quality in Sutton  

2,921 car journeys replaced by active/sustainable modes 

1.2 tonnes of NOx saved 

1 tonne of CO2 saved

Air Quality innovation for a less polluted Britain  

New Air Quality alerts were pushed out through the app to increase awareness of air pollution. BetterPoints developed Ecological Momentary Assessment techniques into their system and measured the change in behaviour that resulted from better knowledge of air pollution levels. 

Becky Chapman, Smart Place Project Manager - Sutton, said “The BetterPoints programme had a high rate of engagement showing genuine behaviour change for participants.”

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