UKGBC has recently launched an exciting new pilot project, the Solutions Portal, which will be of interest to all those working in the built environment sector. 

It is a new collaborative process for crowdsourcing solutions to the property and construction industry’s shared challenges. They have begun by focusing on two challenges centred around the topic of “how to achieve net zero carbon buildings”. 

UKGBC are crowdsourcing solutions until Friday 18th September 2020. Solutions will then be selected for further evaluation and publication as part of their wider work on solutions and innovation later this year.

It would be fantastic if you could share the link to the portal far and wide. 

The two pilot challenge statements are as follows:

Challenge Statement 1

“How can a building owner improve their existing buildings, with as little physical intervention as possible, to achieve net zero operational carbon by 2030?”

Challenge Statement 2 

“How can office owners and occupiers improve the connection between live building occupancy and the control of building services, to reduce operational energy consumption?”  

If you or any innovator in your network has, or knows of, a solution that helps to address either of these challenges, do encourage them to engage in the process. Please share your knowledge of ready-to-use solutions - be they technologies, services, policies, or business and financial models.

You can access the portal and submit your solution suggestions here

UKGBC are also hosting a Pilot Solutions Portal Workshop to discuss their plans and share solutions next week. 

The challenge of climate change is too great for any one organisation to tackle alone, so please join the pilot platform, upload solutions, assess what others have suggested, and let UKGBC know what you think of the process. 

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