Ofgem-approved smart air brick technology AirEx successfully completed the UK's 1st Demonstration Action under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, with 12%-16% heating energy savings independently validated based on robust (115 homes) field trial.

ECO is a government initiative placing legal obligations on large energy suppliers to deliver energy efficiency and heating measures to homes across the UK. As part of the scheme Airex innovation was deployed in a large field trial across 115 homes , during 2019/20 winter, sponsored and supported by EDF, in partnership with Portsmouth City Council and Walsall Housing Group. Occupied homes were monitored throughout the winter heating season, with delivery partner Build Test Solutions supporting the thermal performance measurements of trial homes, using their unique SmartHTC methodology to measure heat loss.

The results of this robust field study show that AirEx

  • reduces whole house heat loss by 12% - 16%;
  • reduces ground floor heat loss by 20% - 23%.

Please download the full report here.

These results place AirEx as one of the most cost-effective energy efficiency solutions on the market, with a modest payback of 2-3 years based on a £450 installed price. Based on the trial results, it was calculated that AirEx improved the energy efficiency of an average 3-bed, semi-detached, gas-heated UK home by 3 SAP (EPC) points. As such, AirEx delivers a cost of £150 per SAP point gained.

AirEx provides low-cost solutions for reducing fabric heat loss, improving thermal comfort and protecting residents' health by passive airflow control. The system is an innovative 'intelligent air-brick', which uses sensors and smart algorithms to selectively open and shut air vents, reducing fabric heat loss. The system is passive, does not require electrically qualified installers, it can be installed in less than an hour, and it pays back in 2-3 years through reduced energy bills. Based on the learnings from the field trial, the potential for rolling out Airex across the UK and beyond is enormous.

Agnes Czako, Co-Founder and Managing Director of AirEx said: "We are incredibly pleased about the fantastic results of this study, and thankful for our supporters, EDF Energy and BTS to help the Airex team making this happen. We are looking forward to the next phase of rolling Airex out across the UK social housing, contributing to the UK's net zero goals while tackling Fuel Poverty".

Paul Howell, EDF's Senior Manager of ECO said: "Technically this is a simple product, quick to install and relatively cheap, so the potential return on investment (on time and cost) is great as an innovation measure. EDF is proud to provide resource and financial support for ECO innovation, and believes that the AirEx product can really make a difference to improve energy efficiency and benefit the fuel poor."

For more information please contact AirEx at info@airex.tech. AirEx and its partners will be happy to assess your housing stock, estimate funding options and secure ECO3 funding on your behalf.

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