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The Insights programme is a programme of associated events chosen by the members for the members, as a helpful way of understanding more about the process of innovation, investment and climate change.

Insight Videos

The Rainforest Alliance

In this 4thought Friday, we are delighted to talk to The Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is a global organisation built on a simple but bold vision: When rural communities thrive, nature does, too. They are utilising market-based solutions in Latin America to facilitate the cycle of regeneration (saving our soils and drawing down carbon), whilst simultaneously feeding the world’s population with healthy, whole foods, that are free of dangerous chemicals.

In this video, we hear from Santiago Machado, Program Director Mexico and Caroline Bernal-Silva, Director of Philanthropy, as they deep dive into the importance of market-based interventions in protecting the world’s most vital ecosystems.

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Hamish Yates, Transitioning to Renewables

GAS member Hamish Yates runs a session on transitioning to renewables. Hamish is Head of Asset Management at Hornsea 1 at Ørsted, who power over 1 million UK homes with renewable energy. In his session, Hamish shares Ørsted’s experience in transitioning from a black to a green energy company, alongside the UK’s position as a green energy pioneer. He also discusses some of the challenges we face as an industry in delivering the global energy transition in the context of our 2050 targets.

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Why you are missing the boat if you are not in climate investment

Chief Investment Officer Antoine Pradayrol demonstrates the compelling imperative for climate investment, for both impact and return. If you would like more information, please contact

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GAS Female Founders

A highly creditable 25% of GAS portfolio companies are founded by women. Watch this video to see six of them discuss their journeys and answer questions about the struggles to get their businesses off the ground.

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Dominic Hogg – Founder of Eunomia

Dominic has 30 years’ experience in environmental matters, as campaigner, researcher, and consultant. In 2001 he set up Eunomia Research & Consulting where he was Chairman and the lead Director for the company’s work on policy / strategy, and sustainable business.

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Matthew Hannon – The Energy Crisis: is disaster inevitable?

Matthew Hannon offers his expert views on the energy crisis. Matthew is a Green Angel Syndicate Honorary Member and Professor of Sustainable Energy Business and Policy at the Hunter Center for Entrepreneurship within the University of Strathclyde’s Business School, and one of the UK’s leading experts in renewable energy policy.

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Tom Chi – Founder ‘At One Ventures’

Tom Chi is often a key note speaker at leading climate tech events. He is Founder of At One Ventures and a founding team member of Google X. This fascinating presentation uses examples of what Tom calls ‘catalytic inventions’ to show the potential for start-ups to become significant change accelerators in the fight against climate change.

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Professor Martin Freer – The role of nuclear in the UK energy mix

GAS Honorary Member, Professor Martin Freer, is a nuclear physicist and Director of the Birmingham Energy Institute. This fascinating talk and Q&A about the crucial role of nuclear energy in the UK makes a complicated subject accessible to all. Highly recommended viewing!

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Cam Ross (GAS CTO) – Demystifying Due Diligence

Our CTO, Cam Ross, leads an excellent presentation and Q&A session on how GAS plans and executes our much praised due diligence process. With contributions from GAS members James Manktelow and Louisa Cilenti this video is highly recommended for anyone interested in the DD process.

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Dr Johnathan Foley – Project Drawdown

Founded in 2014, Project Drawdown® is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline.

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Duncan Grossart – Rewilding, why it matters

Over recent years rewilding has made the leap into mainstream conversation.
From the wetlands of Argentina to the mountains of Romania and the forests of Scotland, GAS member and founder of Journeys With Purpose, Duncan Grossart, tells their stories – to show how rewilding can build resilient ecosystems and create healthier economies.

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Andy Ayim MBE – Angel Investing School

A fireside chat with Andy Ayim to find out about Andy’s inspirational work with the Angel Investing School for people who are not naturally given the opportunity for angel investment.

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Simon Acland – Angel Investing Workshop

Simon Acland – Chairman of GAS and experienced angel investor gives a two hour masterclass and Q&A session for members and guests

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Patricia Silva – Carbon Capture

Patricia de Freitas Silva is member of the GAS deal flow team and also an expert on carbon capture.

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John Nangle – Energy Lead in the Cabinet Office

An audience of over 50 members and guests were treated to an insight into the complexities of the politically and economically nuanced world of UK government energy policy.

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Dr Matthew Hannon – Net zero and the just (energy) transition

Dr Matthew Hannon is a GAS Honorary Member and Director of Research at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship

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Green Angel Syndicate welcomes partners who are aligned with our purpose in the fight against climate change. Partnership ranges from recognition and acknowledgement, through to co-investment and collaboration. We welcome all approaches.