Green Angel Syndicate Pitch Event - April 23rd
23/04/2020 at 17:00

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic our next pitch event in London has been cancelled. Instead we are planning a virtual event.

In order to make even more effective investment interventions, we can show just how serious we are about the fight against climate change by embracing the changes imposed by this disease. Virtual meetings, not real meetings, online contact, not travel, meals, coffees, entertainment, reduced to a minimum. In other words, Green Angel Syndicate is cutting its own emissions to the barest minimum.

So we will be getting on with it even more than before, bringing you even better deals and opportunities, and engaging with you in even more professional assessment and due diligence.

Future dates for your 2020 diary (when we hope to be back live and enjoying a networking drink with you) are:
24th June, 24th Sep & 2nd Dec

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