• Companies which enable better use of resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and/or protect the environment. Please click here for more details on our Priority Sectors
  • Whilst we want to invest in companies which have a positive impact, every business we back must have the objective of delivering good returns to investors.
  • Our members are generally looking for SEIS or EIS tax relief on their investments.
  • Our portfolio is spread across the UK and location is not an issue and we will invest in businesses both pre- and post-revenue.
  • You must demonstrate evidence of demand for your products or services, and a strong understanding of the market you aim to address.
  • You need investment funding within the next six months - we generally will take between 2 and 6 months to complete an investment.
  • Typically we invest £150-500,000, often participating with other investors, and we can act as lead investor or in a supporting role in a larger group.
If you are a UK-registered company, looking to raise finance and wish to submit a funding enquiry, please submit your application via this link.
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If you would prefer to speak directly with us first, please email us to arrange a call

Our Role

We are regarded as an authoritative co-investor because of our sector focus and experience. We therefore want to use this focus and experience to make a useful contribution to the companies we back, usually in a NED role.

Our Process

Our process starts when you contact our Management Team or submit an application from this page. If the Management Team are interested in your proposal, they will put it to our Associates, a group of members made up of our cornerstone investors.

If the Associates approve it, an invitation will be issued to present at one of our pitch events which occur five times each year. These are usually held in London and will be recorded and made available to all our members. Once you have pitched, we aim to communicate a decision either to move to full due diligence or to cancel as early as possible in the process to avoid wasting your time.

Our Fees

To cover the costs of our pitch events and managing the syndicate’s investments, we charge companies a fee of £1,000 for presenting at our pitch events and 5% of the amounts invested by our members (in cash and as an option). We normally seek an annual management fee of 2% of the amounts invested up to a cap of £6,000 to cover the costs of adding value post-investment.

We aim to keep professional fees associated with the investment process to a minimum, but will pass these on at cost if they are incurred, with agreement on both sides beforehand.