Green Angel Syndicate welcomes approaches for equity funding from early stage companies which contribute to solving global warming and climate change. This includes cutting greenhouse gas emissions, absorbing carbon dioxide, or preserving or rehabilitating the natural environment.

Preferred sectors, though not exclusive, are Energy, Agriculture and Food, Transport, Buildings, Water and Natural Resources.

Green Angel Syndicate is especially keen to encourage applications from diverse minority group founders.

We also offer investee companies an additional service for their own angel investors. We can create a temporary membership for them as External Members for the duration of the specific deal, with the invitation to extend into full membership. This offers the investee company and its team the benefit of convenience and streamlining the tedious bureaucracy; but its major appeal for the entrepreneur is that it also means the company's own investors will attract match funding as members of Green Angel Syndicate from the two Funds co-investing in all GAS deals. Their investments can be as much as doubled (or more, depending on circumstances), without the company lifting a finger.

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Case Studies

Smile Plastics

Smile Plastics is a materials design and manufacturing house making exquisite hand-crafted panels from waste materials. Rosalie McMillan and Adam Fairweather launched the business in 2015 at the London Design Festival and didn't realise quite how popular their product would be. Constraints on production capacity and a lack of time meant that investment was very much needed.

Smile secured investment through Green Angel Syndicate in August 2019, along with funding from the Welsh Government and WRAP. Smile had a clear scale up plan, which investment from GAS enabled. The company has now bought new equipment, increased production capacity and more than doubled its team.

Smile elected GAS Chair and investor John Hinnigan as Chairman of their board. He has helped the company put together a business case and secure further investment. GAS member Colin Nunn also sits on the board as a Non Executive Director, providing advice on the financial side.

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John is really passionate about what we do – he puts a lot of time and energy into supporting us. He’s involved in strategy and some operational decisions too. It’s a pleasure to have him as a key part of our business, as we’re aligned personally and professionally. He brings experience in industrial manufacturing and has a good understanding of this rather niche market.” Rosalie McMillan, Founding Director.
Rosalie McMillan, Founding Director


In 2015, Joe Metcalfe launched Thrift+ – the UK's first Click & Collect app for high street charity shops. His vision was to create the single best destination to shop for second-hand clothes, helping individuals to turn their unwanted belongings into funding for worthwhile causes all over the world.

Having spoken to VCs and realised that Thrift+ was a little too early-stage for VC funding, Joe realised that seeking out angel investment was the way forward. After a successful application process, Thrift+ pitched to Green Angel Syndicate members in 2019 and ended up securing two rounds of GAS investment that year.

GAS Chief Operating Officer Cam Ross was appointed as an observer on the board and the investment enabled Thrift+ to grow the team from 6 to 30 staff. In 2020 sales increased 8-fold. With this success under its belt, Thrift+ is now heading towards the VC route.

Thrift+ Founder Joe Metcalfe

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The value from Green Angel Syndicate came even before the investment. The syndicate model saves time, because you’re not having to form relationships with individual angel investors who may or may not invest. GAS was brilliantly organised and efficient, keeping us up to date and treating us like one of their treasured clients.
Joe Metcalfe, CEO & Co-founder, Thrift+


The preferred investment profile for companies considering applying to Green Angel Syndicate for funding are:

  • The company must be able to demonstrate its effect in reducing carbon emissions, reducing other greenhouse gases, or removing carbon concentrations from the atmosphere.
  • The company can either be trading, or not yet trading, but should have developed its product or service to at least MVP stage, or, in technology readiness scales, TRL 6 or above.
  • The company should be eligible for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)- in other words, UK-based and provided with advance assurance by HMRC.
  • The company must have an Exit plan for angel investors.
  • The company should be looking for up to £5 million. We rarely fill a round ourselves as we are happy to coinvest.
  • The company must be investor-ready, with a business plan, financial projections, an established team, evidence of demand, a clear competitive advantage and protectible IP.
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We have a diverse and growing membership of HNWI investors, many of whom play an active role in our investment deals in support of the Management Team.

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