Green Angel Syndicate welcomes approaches for equity funding from early stage companies which contribute to solving global warming and climate change. This includes cutting greenhouse gas emissions, absorbing carbon dioxide, or preserving or rehabilitating the natural environment.

Preferred sectors, though not exclusive, are Energy, Agriculture and Food, Transport, Buildings, Water and Natural Resources.

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Case Studies


Piclo is a smart energy company that is making the UK's electricity grids more efficient, reliable and sustainable. Piclo leverages the latest digital technology to develop an independent, online marketplace for trading energy flexibility.

CEO and Co-Founder James Johnston first met Green Angel Syndicate at the Ecosummit in 2015 and discussed Piclo's first product with them. The relationship developed and GAS invested in Piclo in 2018. Piclo also recently secured investment from the Clean Growth Fund and James found that GAS continued to be a great help throughout the process.

We’ve had a very positive experience with GAS. Having a collection of angel investors gives you an unparalleled network. It’s been fantastic having GAS member Jonathan Graham sitting on the Piclo board – he’s been a huge asset to the company over the years. For any pre-series A start-ups we’d recommend getting in touch with GAS. For Piclo, it’s been a good experience and a more efficient process than going to Angel investors directly.
James Johnston CEO & Co-founder, Piclo


Zedify runs a network of electric bikes, vans and trikes for urban deliveries. Their mission is to make cities cleaner, quieter and less congested, reducing carbon emissions by providing a replacement to the usual diesel delivery vans and trucks.

Zedify first pitched to Green Angel Syndicate in December 2020 and have found that the investment and input from GAS has enabled them to transform their business, giving them a boost in 'ambition, energy and speed'. Zedify has expanded its fantastic team of people. Co-Founder and CEO Rob King found the process of applying for funding and working with GAS 'easy and straightforward'.


The preferred investment profile for companies considering applying to Green Angel Syndicate for funding are:

  • The company must be able to demonstrate its effect in reducing carbon emissions, reducing other greenhouse gases, or removing carbon concentrations from the atmosphere.
  • The company can either be trading, or not yet trading, but should have developed its product or service to at least MVP stage, or, in technology readiness scales, TRL 6 or above.
  • The company should be eligible for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)- in other words, UK-based and provided with advance assurance by HMRC.
  • The company must have an Exit plan for angel investors.
  • The company should be looking for between £500,000 and £5 million (we invest between £150,000 and £1 million). We never fill a round, we always like to coinvest.
  • The company must be investor-ready, with a business plan, financial projections, an established team, evidence of demand, a clear competitive advantage and protectible IP.
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We have a diverse and growing membership of HNWI investors, many of whom play an active role in our investment deals in support of the Management Team.

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