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Carbon Footprint

As the leading climate change angel investment syndicate in the UK, GAS has set itself the challenge of showing others how to eliminate its carbon footprint and become carbon neutral as quickly as possible.

This page will explain a little bit about what we have done and how we have done it. It is now our intention to build a policy for offsetting against the accepted carbon cost until it is possible to show how GAS is carbon neutral or even carbon negative.

Carbon Footprint Measurement

There are many different ways to measure carbon footprints. None is exact. None is accepted as the definitive standard measure.

For our purposes, we used a combination of different calculators – for instance, we used a specific one for the calculation of our physical events emissions-, which produced a result for GAS cumulative emissions (2014 – 2021) of 256 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

There is good and bad in this result. GAS is a virtual organisation, and always has been, which is positive for our performance. On the other hand, travel has been a substantial environmental cost.

For those who are interested in knowing more about the different available calculators, we would be happy to share our experience. Please get in touch.

Carbon Pricing

As with calculators, carbon pricing is inexact, and varies depending on the source. There is variance between countries, states, and between corporates setting their own internal carbon price.

We have decided to select EU ETS as a base for our internal carbon price. At the time of selection, March 2021, the price was at €40/tonne, roughly £35. (Since then, it has surpassed €50/tonne).

Future Improvements

There is a beacon of hope for all of us in the endeavour to change behaviours to cut out carbon. COVID-19 has showed us how much more we can do than we ever thought possible to keep everything working without any access to travel.

The Zoom culture has brought about changes in emissions which had never been anticipated before the Pandemic. We need to keep this going, and find more ways to reduce our footprint. As well as travel, diet, heating, automotive and general consumption, our holiday plans, our pets and even our computers are all areas where we can change our habits for the better.

Offsetting our Footprint

To become carbon neutral, we will be offsetting the emissions we have caused, and of course, will continue to cause as we strive for the lowest emissions we generate as a business.

We are currently exploring options to offset our emissions in a manner that compliments the work we are doing to support innovations in the fight against climate change. If you would like to know more about the offsetting plans we are making, do please get in touch.