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Do you ever wonder how you can make the most practical use of your money?

I suppose this is not just a first world problem, but also a problem for privileged people in the first world. But how do you make the most practical use of your money? You are going to tell me that you want your money to make money. I am going to tell you there is a practical way to do this so that your money also makes a practical difference to the problems of those less privileged than you.

Let’s start with the most basic question. Can you make your money make money? Of course you can. The one certain sector, growing now, growing faster, and going to grow for the next two decades at least, is climate change.

Why is that? Do I even need to answer this question? Let me share two headlines with you from today, 16th February, the day I am writing this piece:

Both these headlines come from The Guardian. Do they illustrate the point? Think further of what you have already seen in the news. California’s water shortages are now threatening its long term ability to produce food of any kind. Australia is considered to be a candidate for complete evacuation before the end of two, possibly only one, decade. Climate Change is now unavoidable, it is happening, and we are having to invest huge sums of money to cope with it.

Your money, well invested in the right climate change opportunities, is likely to make money, because more and more services, products and technologies are being developed and bought to deal with climate change.

But there is a much more profound point to pursuing this investment strategy. Do you actually care about the world you inhabit? Do you have family, children, grandchildren whose future in this world matters to you? If the answer is yes, then you have a duty to use your money in a way that makes a practical difference for the better, not for the worse. Put everything you can spare into this battle, because if you don’t, you may find the battle is lost before the children and grandchildren you so much care about reach a time when they might have enjoyed the world that you have enjoyed.

Stay with us in our battle, and you can see the practical reality close up.

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Photo by Lisa Campbell on Unsplash

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