Chenelle Ansah

Chenelle is an Investor, Consultant and Advisor. She is passionate and fully committed to ensuring diverse founders get access to capital and development that they need to grow. In her role as Head of Cornerstone Partners, Angel Investment Syndicate whose mission is to focus on investing in founders from Black and diverse backgrounds in the U.K., Chenelle ensures that they are leading the charge in investing in founders from Black and diverse backgrounds.

Outside of Cornerstone Partners, Chenelle is the founder and MD of Nell Consulting, a boutique consultancy firm that specialises Fintech strategy, scaling operations and procurement. Her passion for financial disruption and creating access to capital has given Chenelle the drive to lead on the build of a few Challenger Banks in the UK through her consultancy efforts.

Featured in the Sunday Times, BBC news and BBC radio 4, Chenelle is often at the forefront of discussions pertaining to creating access to capital for diverse founders and has been instrumental in influencing government policy to create better opportunities for SME's in the UK.

She has more recently become passionate about the intersectionality between diversity and climate change and plans to focus efforts this year driving this agenda.

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