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The Specialist Role of Green Angel Syndicate

Widespread systemic change requires a range of innovations. It is a practical problem. Multiple small inventions are needed to make incremental changes at global scale. This will build up to entire systemic change; tiny inventions with huge potential. These all require innovation, so that our human needs are still met, but they are met by using a completely different approach.

Green Angel Syndicate specialises in this new approach needed to fight Climate Change. We search out, assess and select the innovations that will make a difference, and then invest in them to enable their development. Currently only Green Angel Syndicate, among UK angel investment syndicates, has the specialist knowledge to deliver the results we need.

What we’ve achieved

Green Angel Syndicate has led the way in delivering specialist angel investment for the innovations we need to fight climate change.

So far, we have:

Saved over 57,000 tonnes of CO2e as of February 2022

Attracted a £10m committment from British Business Investments

Invested in 31 start-up or early-stage companies across 10 different economic sectors

Attracted over 350 members

Launched and closed multiple rounds of the GAS EIS Climate Change Fund

Won UK Business Angels Association Angel Syndicate of the Year 2019, in recognition of our impact on portfolio companies

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Carbon Footprint

As the leading climate change angel investment syndicate in the UK, GAS has set itself the challenge of showing others how to eliminate its carbon footprint and become carbon neutral as quickly as possible.

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Simon Acland

Christine Chisholm

Caroline Halliday

Nick Lyth

Cam Ross

Claire Ainsworth

Francesco Cacciabue

Abi Siri Andersen

Hugh Bartlett

Magali Christensen

James Heath

Chris Joly

Surakat Kudehinbu

Olivia Lyth

Federico Moro

Selfon Ng

Antoine Pradayrol

Rositsa Stoyanova

Shannon Hobbs

Andy Ayim MBE

Dhruv Boruah

Amarit (Aim) Charoenphan

Suwen Chen

Phil De Luna

Professor Martin Freer

Mairead Hancock

Dr Matthew Hannon

Dominic Hogg

Jonny Hughes

Helen Lin

Associate Members

Associate Members are involved in the deal selection process, the team selection for the due diligence process, and the process of appointing both the Deal Coordinator pre-investment and the Non-Executive Director post-investment.


Green Angel Syndicate focuses on companies whose radical grassroots innovations introduce the technology, machinery and process required for the practical changes needed throughout the global economy that will slow down, arrest and then reverse global warming.

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